Thigh Liposuction procedure?

If your skin has good elasticity, then your cosmetic surgeon will recommend this procedure.  Then your skin will naturally conform to the new body contour. This procedure can be performed successfully on the outer and inner thighs.  Usually the common concern of women is that the stubborn fat causes their inner thighs to rub against one another.  If this is your specific case, the Cosmetic Surgeon may recommend a Thigh Liposuction.

The main goal is to get rid of the small deposits of fat. It has not proven to be effective for cellulite or obesity. One of the main targets of this procedure is the “banana roll”.  This is the area under the buttocks located on the upper posterior part of the thigh.  The Cosmetic Surgeon has to avoid excess fat removal in this area to avoid the buttocks to sag.

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