Breasts — Shape/Size/Texture/Placement is right for me?

In regards to the types of implants used, and the placement:

In the majority of cases, the surgeon places the implants under the muscle, as this produces a more natural look and also reduces the risk of capsular contracture (when a skin forms around the implant). He usually makes the incision under the breast, so your folds of the skin should hide the scars. He will assess you at the consultation and determine the best placement of the implants.

Most surgeons recommend only round, textured implants these days, as the tear drop shape is more prone to rotate and distort the breast shape. The surgeon will discuss with you the look that you want, and based on your current breast shape and tissues, he will recommend an implant size. Please note, that your current build and breast size and shape may mean that you may have to go larger or smaller than your ideal size. For example, if you have had pregnancies and have droopy breasts with a lot of tissue, it usually requires a biMedawayer implant to fill to create a nice shape. It is not only the size that is important, the surgeon also suMedawayests an implant size to give a nice shape. 

The implant brand that the surgeon always uses is Mentor – one of the highest quality and safest brands in the world. They come with a lifetime warranty. Silicone is preferable to saline, as it is a much more natural effect. As it is water based, saline tends to ‘ripple’ the skin.


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