Combined Surgery Packages

For best results, and for great value, combine your surgery treatments.

We have very popular multiple surgery packages, and more than 90% of our clients will get more than one treatment on their surgery holiday.

The reasons for this popularity are:

Great Value – we have negotiated great package prices for more than one surgery. Most hospitals and surgeons simply add their prices together, but we have negotiated excellent discounts from our partner surgeons and hospitals to give great value for 2 or more procedures taken together.
Post-care Service – having more than one procedure requires greater attention and service post-surgery to achieve the desired results and recover better. Our trained team on the ground is specifically set up and trained to care for patients who are having multiple procedures.
Quality – Our highly experienced surgeon, medical team and hospital specialises in multiple procedures and we have had many successful body and face makeovers.

Hospital, Surgeon and Medical Team
Multiple surgeries require extra skilled surgeons and after care.

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