Is Gorgeous Getaways a medical travel agency?

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Gorgeous Getaways was originally set up in 2004 as a medical travel agency. As more and more patients are connected via mobile and the internet, we see patients are more educated, travel-savvy, and want more ala carte services based on needs, and budgets. We now take a more collaborative approach focusing on continual feedback, flexible packages, superior pricing and flexible support services for our member base of over 35k members.

About Gorgeous Getaways

Founded in 2004, GORGEOUS GETAWAYS is one of the original pioneers of the medical travel sector with a well-established track record as a provider of quality, affordable cosmetic surgery services. Over the years, the company has developed and maintained relationships with superior, internationally recognized surgeons, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare providers that consistently deliver excellent results for the tens of thousands of clients we have served. Our dedicated team of professionals is on the ground and behind the scenes working hard to ensure continuously improving customer service from initial contact to post-treatment follow up.

The long-standing relationships with providers give GORGEOUS GETAWAYS several advantages that we share with our clients – full-service packages to great locations for excellent value. With more than 35k subscribers, thousands of testimonials, and numerous case studies, GORGEOUS GETAWAYS demonstrates it superior customer care to our clients, surgeons, hospitals, clinics, dental practices, wellness and anti-aging services and more.

Welcome to GORGEOUS GETAWAYS. We invite you to share the journey with us!

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